Info on joining Imaginary Numbers

Here are the steps you need to take to become part of our clan:

1. Create a country in the ALLIANCE server.
We exist as a clan only in the ALLIANCE server. On the main Earth Empires page at you will see some information and links to different parts of the game.

If you click this link you can create a new account with EE.

From there, login and please click on the Create Country link listed under the Alliance Server.

2. Read our rules
Our rules are 6 sentences long. So click that link on your left menu and read them.

3. Fill out an application
You need to get an account on our site so click the "Apply" link on the left menu and fill it. Be sure to put a valid email address or you'll never know when we accept your application.

4. Once you are accepted...
We will send you an email as soon as you are accepted in our clan. From that point, it's important that you follow the instructions in that email and that you start visiting our site frequently.

What to expect from iMagNum?

We do NOT play to netgain peacefully and get a high networth. We also have strategies to follow and when played properly will make a strong country during war.

So Why Join Us?

So why should you join us? Simply put, because iMagNum is perhaps the only alliance left that plays purely for chaotic fun. We have only 6 basic rules that are very simple to follow. Short and easy to read War Tutorials have also been written on how the Imaginary Numbers clan plays the game of Earth Empires.

We don't take shit from anyone

A top alliance tries to bully us knowing that we can't kill them over it? Sure we may not kill them but, we will totally ruin their netgaining reset by destroying all their top countries!

Our Attitude

One last thing, we are extremely arrogant and why not? We have built a clan that has proven time and again that we can fight and we FINISH them. Why? Because this is a game. If we are to act nice and be respected citizens in our real life, when we log on to the internet to play Earth Empires, its certainly not to live the same boring life over and over! So do not take offense when you see our leaders picking fights with innocent bystanders on Earth Empires forums. We do this for fun and most of us actually aren't assholes in real life! We do however, ask that you respect your fellow members in our clan.