Imaginary Numbers

The Imaginary Numbers Rules

These are just a few simple rules that you'll need to know about before joining the Imaginary Numbers.

  1. Activity - Inactive players are useless to us. You must visit our site many times a week and post on our forums.
  2. No Multies - Don't run more than 1 country in the Alliance server. If you cheat, we'll kill all your countries.
  3. Restarting - We fight every round so when your country gets killed, restart it right away so you can kill the SOB's who did this.
  4. When At War - Pay no regards to the health of your country when at war for our only purpose is to ruin the countries of our enemies.
  5. Follow Orders - If you have something to say, speak up. Although our authority is to be absolutely respected, we welcome discussion and suggestions.