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urg 08/24/2016 22:53:42 GT:0
hi, hope everyone is more nice than the mob here.

nice to be here & check how its going

mob 08/24/2016 23:37:08 GT:0
you better get back in Chaos now

get a rope ties up urge :P

Soviet 08/24/2016 23:41:36 GT:0
hands off my member!

[23:37] iMe> I may only have a pile of rubble left, but it is a deadly pile of rubble!

Soviet Sig
Headbanger {VP}{aWAR}{DL}{Elite} 08/25/2016 01:19:54 GT:0
hey urg. Sup mob. mob hands off like Soviet said. Play nice hahaha

Metallica the greatest show on the Earth.........
galleri {hFA} 08/26/2016 04:47:19 GT:0
bwhaha urg....go to our other forums!

TheUrge 08/31/2016 21:48:02 GT:0
i find the other forum 5 min ago lol

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