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Public Relations Forum - Have you changed things??
galleri {Prez} 02/14/2016 03:27:06 GT:0
Decided I don't care enough for the message I put here now.

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galleri {Prez} 02/14/2016 03:38:47 GT:0
meh nothing here.

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galleri {Prez} 02/14/2016 03:53:54 GT:0

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Headbangersland {DL} {aWAR}{Elite} {Prez} 02/14/2016 20:20:56 GT:0
Somethings were changed. Had some old Imaggers logging on and spying on us. They were a part of another clan and help kill a couple of us.

Metallica the greatest show on the Earth.........
galleri {Prez} 02/16/2016 01:51:06 GT:0
Who the hell was doing that?

Want To KILL 03/08/2016 08:35:18 GT:0
Exactly, who did that?
lolz, here i come back and put my noose in things :)
Maybe i need some drama!

But seriously, "old" imaggers, or just semi old?

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galleri {Prez} 05/01/2016 03:46:11 GT:0
You are really old. Like your ass is stuck to a fucking iceberg now

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