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Public Relations Forum - Can i play
m0bzta 05/05/2015 11:27:27 GT:0
i need a home will you let me in

Tarl {Elite} {aWAR} 05/07/2015 01:40:09 GT:0

Numbers32 (#494) the first to $10,951,231 NW 20,877 acre ...[06:35] iTarl> any thing to hit? ...[06:36] iZarc> not sure. everything looks dead :P 394/795 O76 (#69) (Imagnum) My lovely flower (#118) (RIVAL) PS 6,113 Acres (+3479)
Headbangersland {DL} {aWAR}{Elite} 05/11/2015 21:39:37 GT:0
yep just as Tarl said Apply

Metallica the greatest show on the Earth.........
Want To KILL 05/16/2015 08:38:22 GT:0
We take just about anyone don't we :P
y0 mobzta!

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SHADY 06/30/2015 01:13:37 GT:0
BS I applied and no response! Wtf! No love!

Headbangersland {DL} {aWAR}{Elite} {Prez} 08/13/2015 01:08:30 GT:0
Never received an application

Metallica the greatest show on the Earth.........

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