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Public Relations Forum - Howdy
ialphaniner 02/20/2014 22:34:47 GT:0
My account probably got deleted years ago so posting as a new user-Howdy yall?? Anyone around still that even remembers me??

Want To KILL 02/21/2014 20:30:35 GT:0
Hey man.
I remember you!

I just came back from a few years of absence.
It must be a sign that we came at the same time!
Gay sign...

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> -=WTK=- The Ruler...(©)
Do something creative, KILL SoMeOnE!!! "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand" -Jagged Alliance (Ivan)
All repeat: **IN WTK WE TRUST**
-WTK - God of Imaginary Numbers
Scode {Elite} 02/23/2014 03:00:23 GT:0
i dont remember you at all.

iMag's pimp
i pimp all da imag hoe's

{Suni}ya know I don't do this to pick on you, just to make you look perfect in the eyes of your hoes :)

IN MEMORY OF TAZ - God be with you brother
12/18/2006 7:09:15 PM ZeroPity#270 (xZTx) I might run out of roo #1891 (aSyLuM) BR 2 C / 4 B
Blitz 04/16/2014 13:12:03 GT:0
Hey... Alpha....

Just came back to check on iMag too...

Shame, Scode the Kiwi Fag, is still here ;-)

I come to Auckland 4 times a year and all I do is get plastered....

WTK, no-one is suprised... We know you love it

galleri {Prez} 04/17/2014 00:13:11 GT:0
scode is no longer in iMag, but yeah please come back...we need the help and we down to 6 members, we actually were gone for a bit so this is the 2nd set back!!!

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