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Vulk 08/19/2011 09:47:48 GT:0
Looking for an old friend named ibjuke, or w/e it was :/

ibujke {Prez} 08/19/2011 10:15:15 GT:0
Never heard of this ibjuke person.

Want To KILL 08/19/2011 16:19:39 GT:0
I can be your friend :)
Theres nobody who really wanna hang out with me :(

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Soviet {Elite} 08/20/2011 01:37:59 GT:0
I am going to get some fucking money to go to sweden to hang out with you wittuck.

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Mike {DL} {aWAR} 08/20/2011 15:37:54 GT:0
can i join soviet

KeSSie {Mrs. iMe} {DL} {aIA} 08/20/2011 20:21:06 GT:0
I owe WTK a visit one of these years. Party at WTK's house! :-D


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