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angelice 06/30/2011 19:09:05 GT:0
ok well I was trying to explain that i had made a mistake hitting what i thought was an untagged country as i told soviet ... but had copied the wrong number ... this i assume has caused some major problem that i had not meant ... so my apologies to anyone that might be hurt by my actions ... and as it seems that i am no longer wanted here. I just wanted to say goodbye to the people that I came here to see in the first place ya'll are cool as hell and it has been an honor to know and play with you in the past and present ...I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors ... may your lives be rich with happiness, and your belly's always full ...

Xenomorph {aWAR} 06/30/2011 19:27:56 GT:0
Ok if I offend you I'm sorry but really...

Are you blind? Do you just NOT CHECK what country you are hitting? This has happened SO MUCH this set from ONLY YOU. Nobody else has this problem, so unless you have some sort of major sight problem, your inability to follow standard protocols is just unacceptable.

Sorry but you crossed a line.

And even if you were lg'gin untags, multi-tapping any country like that is unwarranted.

"i hate you xenomorph. I really hate you. Please leave this pleace. Seek help. If i met you, i would hit you in the face. You sicken me. I am going to go throw up and then find you and hurt you. I did not like wasting 20 minutes to read that. I really do hate you xenomorph." - Cheesnip, 08/13/2006 04:16:41 GT
galleri: come on xeno...log into irc..I am sorry 11/20/2010 22:03:00 GT
Xenomorph {aWAR}: PROOF OF LOVE! 11/20/2010 23:31:56 GT
Want To KILL 06/30/2011 19:34:47 GT:0
Sorry to see you go.
Not much i can do about it, you had a bad start.
And i guess the last mistake, witch i believe was an honest mistake, was to much.

Didn't even get to war :P ironic.
Well, i can just say im sorry to see all this happening.
I had plans to skullfuck you a lot this set :P

(�`�.��.���`�.��.-> -=WTK=- The Ruler...(�)
Do something creative, KILL SoMeOnE!!! "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand" -Jagged Alliance (Ivan)
All repeat: **IN WTK WE TRUST**
-WTK - God of Imaginary Numbers
angelice 06/30/2011 19:35:56 GT:0
i always multitap until a country falls below the 50 acre per hit it used to be a normal thing ... i didnt relise it mattered against unttagged players ... and this was not a plee for reentry i understand your frustration and accept the decision i was just explaining, apologizing, and giving a farewell i meant nothing further

angelice 06/30/2011 19:39:59 GT:0
lol ... yeah it sucks ... and i will truly miss u as well .. you were always a cool guy ... there are others that I will miss as well but naming them off is unnecesary i believe, Ya'll ever change your mind and want me to jump in for a set just yell ill make sure to familiarize myself with clan protocol a bit before i even make a country next time lol ... or if your just bored you can email me or message me at well good to see you guys again later

angelice 06/30/2011 19:43:55 GT:0
we dont farm untaggeds? now im just confused ... lol we used to be alot more take no prisoners than some people recall i think ... cause that used to be normal for the entire server ... if you were untagged you were meat ... but the last few times i played we warred so early in the set that it just didnt matter cause we hardly had time to get a descent country up and running to even think about farming anyone cause we were already warring .. cause the wars just seemed to carry over from one set to the next lol ... it was great ... i remember I actually got killed off like the week 2 of one set and was a restart lol ... as were quite a few if i remember

galleri {aFA} 06/30/2011 20:31:23 GT:0
I am gonna try to be nice. But granted 1. I am female 2. I can't stand stupid shit this might be hard.

First off.
This is not earth2025, this is earthempires. I told you this before. The politics and shit have changed.
Farming an untagged one time is cool. Farming them
Three times you are fucking dick.
Four times you are asking us to get suicided.

Same with pacted clans.
First time eh , take the retals
Second time, you are getting stupid
Third time, imag should kill ya

Now back to the untags...since you seem to be hung up on them:
Alot are new, this game is new, players worked hard to make this game a game that they love and not die.
So farming untags in a douche like faggot way makes a. either they are pro and will suicide the clan, in which will fuck up the plans soviet made for the set. Now you have pissed off my prez, whom i love dearly, so you piss me off.
b. these are guys are new. and way to run em off.

Like soviet said already and I have said. This is 2011 and earthempires. Not 2001 and earth2025.

Once again...sorry for sounding like a bitch, but that is just me.

[21:45] walty> i miss you galleri talk to me!
Xenomorph {aWAR} 12/10/2010 19:48:37 GT:2044^^ we love you galleri!
Want To KILL 06/30/2011 21:52:18 GT:0
Seriously. Farming untaggeds won't fuck up any plans we have.
It might look bad.. You risk getting suicided on (They can only send their 3 missiles at you as most.. or AB if you have less than 10k tanks :P)
Maybe you should go untagged if nobody can hit you? (J/K)
The big netting clans farm them daily.

But thats it.

Why we don't farm them is because it looks bad.
Originally, the first time we slowed down on farming like 2-3 country tags and untageds was after iMag played quite a while with 10 or less tagged members, when we where farmed on a daily basis ourselves.
After that, when we had grown and built tag protection we knew how it was, and therefore we stopped doing it as well.
Even i stoped this set :P

Not trying to beat on you Galleri, but i think you are wrong with the level of impact farming untaggeds would have on us.

However any of that goes, -=NOW=- we do not farm untaggeds, its our policy no matter the reason.
Angelice did stop and also said he was sorry. And then happened to farm some tags :p So i'd say thats the problem here, or the last thing in the combination.
Not the untagged thing.

(On a side note: We built tag protection again by being super efficient on retaling and also suiciding on big clans a fewe time until they learnt what happened when they grabed us :D)

(�`�.��.���`�.��.-> -=WTK=- The Ruler...(�)
Do something creative, KILL SoMeOnE!!! "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand" -Jagged Alliance (Ivan)
All repeat: **IN WTK WE TRUST**
-WTK - God of Imaginary Numbers
galleri {aFA} 06/30/2011 22:48:51 GT:0
I still love you wtk. Even when we have our love affair fights

[21:45] walty> i miss you galleri talk to me!
Xenomorph {aWAR} 12/10/2010 19:48:37 GT:2044^^ we love you galleri!
Tavi {FA} {Elite} 07/11/2011 12:04:54 GT:0
multi tapping is wrong, you started problems by multi tapping allies.
farming untagged is just shitty. if you want to do that go ahead but it's shitty and you will be treated as such. there's no official rule against that tho.

i dont understand now why you were booted from the clan. and why did you detag if you still wanted to be in here. you could have stayed, you would have been farmed / killed by the ones you multi tapped and were pacted to us. and then start over with the lesson learned.

tbh you kept saying "but that's what we did back then" and it's not true. we always kept some clan relations. maybe you are just remembering the huge ammount of spam tags or tags we didnt care if they get pissy or not. but now it's not the case since there are so few clans.

angelice 07/11/2011 21:54:05 GT:0
yeh maybe it was against spam tags that may be true ... but all i said was that multi tapping untagged was ok ... before i was talking about hitting tagged people long ago ... btu that was a different situation .. i was just talking about hitting untaggeds ... the tagged guy i hit wazs an honest mistake i copied a number from the score board and started hitting ... unfortunately i must have somehow copied the wrong number??? dunno how ... i dropped and sent a message to the guy i hit and said i was free game .. was just planning on selling military (easier for them to hit) and letting the country go and restarting that is why i untagged ... but you know stuff happens what you gonna do soviet was quite irate and for good reason ... i was trying to make amends but apparently it was to late so ...

ghosty1 08/01/2011 12:42:14 GT:0
fags. this imaginary number adds up to Zero.


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