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angelice 06/30/2011 18:46:28 GT:0
I said i was trying to make ammends for it it was an honest mistake and you kicked me out really? i have been on here longer than you .. i apologized ... and this is what i get whatever ..

angelice 06/30/2011 19:16:27 GT:0
ok thats probably not fair ... i made a mistake i will deal with it .. this is my fault for not being more careful with checking my numbers ... and such ... so my apologies ...

Soviet {Elite} 06/30/2011 19:20:45 GT:0
This is not iMag of old. This is not 2004. This is 2011 and the game is called Earth Empires. Things are done differently than what you experienced 7 years ago. Or not really, because even old members from the last time you played say we never hit whatever tags we wanted multiple times. You were just an idiot with no "off" button.

Maybe you should retire for another 6 years, maybe by that time you'll grow up a bit and learn to control yourself.

Or not. Whatever.

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angelice 06/30/2011 19:24:51 GT:0
i told you it was an honest mistake ... and am more than willing to deal with the reprocussions of it ... thats fine ... I was trying to hit an untagged country ... i copied the wrong number i apologize ... i have told you this ... i had no intentions of hitting a tagged country you and another member had already cited me for that ... i am aware that i was not supposed to and did not mean to ... thats why i untagged and informed them it was an accident and they could farm my account ... because i had actually meant to hit the un tagged guy ...

Soviet {Elite} 06/30/2011 19:26:14 GT:0
Either way, I don't condone farming untaggeds.

[23:37] iMe> I may only have a pile of rubble left, but it is a deadly pile of rubble!

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angelice 06/30/2011 19:32:59 GT:0
if you recall i fully admitted i had done it on purpose before because i didnt think it was a problem ... i however understood that it was a bad thing for the clan as a whole and had not made any attcks against tagged members of any clan since ... i really honestly just hit the wrong country this time and i understand thats an issue thats why i was trying to deal with it ... i had no reason to want to create problems this clan has been the home of many people that i considered friends and had not wanted to make problems for anyone ... I am assuming you do not understand just above your message i clearly said i am sorry ... I was trying to apologize for my earlier statement because it was unfair ... I just dont take well to someone insulting me repeatedly although i understand your frustrations and thats y i apologized repeatedly ...

Want To KILL 06/30/2011 19:35:58 GT:0
Posted in your other thread Angelice.
Mebbe it can get sorted.

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sir lukav 08/01/2011 12:46:39 GT:0
ive been here longer than anyone lol. i co founded with beltz.
you suck.

galleri {aFA} {Soviets Secretary} 08/01/2011 22:27:55 GT:0
we love you too....sir spamalotlukav

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