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Public Relations Forum - Tyrel
Tyrel 04/25/2011 14:57:14 GT:0
Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus, I'm back now!
So where's my cookie?

Onward miles militis!
ibujke {War} {DL} 04/25/2011 15:57:35 GT:0

Tyrel 04/26/2011 12:32:42 GT:0
The only thing is that I can't access any boards now since I'm in LB. :'(

Onward miles militis!
ibujke {War} {DL} 04/26/2011 12:36:06 GT:0
Soon to be fixed, keep faith.

Sulliven {DL} 04/26/2011 15:20:33 GT:0
welcome back

04/27/2011 08:55:53 GT:0
EL YAY! Tyrel! :-D


"Don't mistake my silence for confusion.
I was just trying to kill you with my mind."

04/01/2011 E1M1 {aWAR} {aIA}: THE CAKE IS TEH TRUTH!!!
Nouda {DL} 05/06/2011 04:57:49 GT:0
One more recruit for the Great Jihad.

Sir Jack Verse 05/06/2011 08:52:45 GT:0

[01:26] <&Overlord> CM Metal Siren (#47) [iMagNum] --> SNSDSOLVisualDreams (#45) [SOLdiers] -- 20C/5B
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[18:02] <&Overlord> GS Metal Siren (#47) [iMagNum] --> Winter SOLstice III (#897) [SOLdiers] -- 3C
galleri {aFA} 05/17/2011 20:57:45 GT:0
We still waiting? LOL

[21:45] walty> i miss you galleri talk to me!
Xenomorph {aWAR} 12/10/2010 19:48:37 GT:2044^^ we love you galleri!
Want To KILL 06/16/2011 08:27:57 GT:0
IA matters can be complicated around here :P
Get back to us if nothing happened within 6 month's or so!

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