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Public Relations Forum - Looking for a crew
Mako 02/17/2011 06:19:55 GT:0
wat up watup all im an old playerfrom way back and rcently i came accross the earth empires site and decideed to check things out i posted in the fprrum in game that i was lookin for a good experiecned crew,and OrigOzzyB is one of the invites i got he invited me here so i thought id stop in for a visit to check things out.
i sed to play with SX/Supremacy x back when it was alive lol and i played a game called mars to and i was with Lars both good crews at the time good peeps and expereicned players

i started at as a recruit like everyone does and went on to be a recruiter i did ok with recruiting and i went on to helping new peeps and then to DL fo SX...

thats just alittl info about me ,, but as i havent played this game in so long ill need a crash course as a refresher to get used to how things work again lol

Nouda 02/17/2011 13:20:52 GT:0
Welcome Mako, ermmm fill out an application and someone will get back to you....hopefully =P

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ibujke {War} {DL} 02/17/2011 15:19:39 GT:0
We are the only alliance that wars every set. Others may claim they do to, but really, they dont.

We war against bigger clans regularly (but not always).

If you want to war no matter the odds, apply. If you arent willing to, I`d suggest Evo or Omega.

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