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Public Relations Forum - Hello!!
Ron 11/11/2010 15:02:22 GT:0
hey!!!! How's everyone!!!
looks like we are in a war together! (whether they wanna fight back or not)

btw i lost my LKS login n pass..
can someone send it to me through Boxcar or Earth Empire Forum...?

Tavi {FA} {Elite} 11/11/2010 16:12:23 GT:0

what war are we in together? :-/

Ron 11/12/2010 16:40:51 GT:0
didn't we FS Fist together? no?

Tavi {FA} {Elite} 11/12/2010 20:53:58 GT:0
ah :)

Ron 11/13/2010 03:02:29 GT:0
But then again it seems you r fighting ICN now?

Ron 11/13/2010 16:21:42 GT:0
waaa watertight security!!
hahaha okok I will send u an email.. thx thx!!

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