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Public Relations Forum - thats a sweet
Aubz {Recruiting} 02/19/2010 18:17:06 GT:0
new home page

"dude you tried to talk to me about alliances last reset. just give it up...please...k thanks..."
Iron Priest 02/19/2010 19:43:12 GT:0
yeah, so you should come back

------I am a SPAMORON------
Beltshumeltz {Elite} 02/20/2010 07:21:14 GT:0
come back!

Iron Priest:
if enough ppl come back for the reunion set we will be killing IX
if not enough ppl come back we will be suiciding IX
Some random dude: "wow i never knew beltz posed as a girl. thats badass. good idea."
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Want To KILL 02/20/2010 14:45:21 GT:0
Stay away ;P

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> -=WTK=- The Ruler...(©)
Do something creative, KILL SoMeOnE!!! "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand" -Jagged Alliance (Ivan)
All repeat: **IN WTK WE TRUST**
-WTK - God of Imaginary Numbers
Tavi {FA}{DL} 02/21/2010 08:54:34 GT:0
stay away! :P

iZarcon <admin> 02/22/2010 10:39:12 GT:0
Got a lot more new things insite. And we're adding more all the time

*wanders off*

Soviet> wheres south america?
skwad> to the left

I Am a Jesus Freak!
Toon Army FTW!
Tyrel {AWT} 02/24/2010 14:46:28 GT:0
Aubz! I missed you!

Loco 03/02/2010 15:12:38 GT:0
go the ...... no wait come..... eh d*mn i dont know do something other then sit here

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