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Steve linbrunch 12/23/2009 15:50:28 GT:0
Etso merdi kubandicio. Ala fetshka menki huba dinko!
El imaginary numbers uncuu fisk julir junglo duri ponke.

itsko gyros grynker eris vroom ankle yris.

12/25/2009 00:34:27 GT:0

Tavi {FA}{DL} 12/28/2009 10:25:07 GT:0
lol indeed

Beltshumeltz 12/30/2009 18:45:03 GT:0
Wait a sec.
This is fucked up.

Google doesn't even show a SINGLE result for most of the 3 words. NONE! So I can't even figure out what language, for the purpose of finding a translator.

Iron Priest:
if enough ppl come back for the reunion set we will be killing IX
if not enough ppl come back we will be suiciding IX
Some random dude: "wow i never knew beltz posed as a girl. thats badass. good idea."
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