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Public Relations Forum - this is..
Reptile 12/12/2009 20:44:50 GT:0
the only forum i have access too.. that's epic fail.

Fooglmog [Evil Man] 12/14/2009 06:43:38 GT:0
Send a message to BA. He may be willing to help you out.

Guy with no clue.
Tavi {FA}{DL} 12/14/2009 14:42:51 GT:0
BS even :P

Fooglmog [Evil Man] 12/14/2009 16:52:37 GT:0
That's the one I meant :p

Guy with no clue.
Krue 12/14/2009 19:15:07 GT:0
see even Foog knows they're the same person =)

12/14/2009 20:30:51 GT:0
lol :-P


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