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Reptile 11/12/2009 21:58:39 GT:0
Hey guys. This is Reptile... You should totally set me up with an account. Uhm, yeah. Well, email me @ or gimme a shout on ICQ 15855697 or gmail chat.

Tavi {FA}{DL} 11/13/2009 10:29:57 GT:0
woohoo lol. and again he comes this way :P

Reptile 11/13/2009 13:47:56 GT:0
I had a log in the whole time..just didnt know it haha...

duff {aDL} 11/13/2009 14:39:57 GT:0
lol :)

thanks to my dad, who taught me that there is no shame in being a " dummy" there is also no virtue in remaining one! Image and video hosting by TinyPic i`m not allowed to spam anymore :)
11/14/2009 05:23:22 GT:0
wb Reptile :-)

BLOODANGEL86 11/15/2009 02:42:30 GT:0
holy shit, you dirty asshole. you logged in and didn't leave me an insite message? wtf?

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Me {elite} 11/15/2009 18:11:19 GT:0
ahhhhh, Reppie sighting!

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Black Seifer {IA} 11/19/2009 16:48:34 GT:0
lol reppie you should know i wouldnt have deleted your account

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