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Public Relations Forum - oily hands
motor boy 08/11/2009 23:15:37 GT:0
my pants
oily hands
deep below
my hip is strong
so oily
the hands goes inside
so oily
hands inside my pants
oily fingers
touching, feeling
so oily

KeSSelaTheDarkAngel {aDL} 08/12/2009 01:09:25 GT:0
nice! :-D

Tavi {FA} 08/12/2009 11:44:56 GT:0
rofl. it seems insane people exist outside imag also :P this one seems like WTK :P

KeSSelaTheDarkAngel {aDL} 08/12/2009 14:28:41 GT:0

duff {aDL} 08/20/2009 17:49:50 GT:0
w00t another wtk wanna be gawd help us

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Iron Priest 08/25/2009 18:39:26 GT:0
it is wtk, he was bored probably

------I am a SPAMORON------
Tavi {FA} 08/26/2009 10:13:04 GT:0
oh, the wise guy... :P

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