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Zeus 01/17/2009 16:58:51 GT:0
Please have Iron Priest answer his ICQ message from moi :P

Soviet {WAR}{DL}{Elite} 01/18/2009 02:04:29 GT:0
Are you connected?

[23:37] iMe> I may only have a pile of rubble left, but it is a deadly pile of rubble!

IP's main bitch
Soviet Sig
Want To KILL 01/18/2009 08:57:26 GT:0
I cry :)
So beautiful!

(�`�.��.���`�.��.-> -=WTK=- The Ruler...(�)
Do something creative, KILL SoMeOnE!!! "Gun, all gun, like finger on hand" -Jagged Alliance (Ivan)
All repeat: **IN WTK WE TRUST**
-WTK - God of Imaginary Numbers
HoboWithAStick 01/18/2009 15:49:23 GT:0

Scode 01/19/2009 04:25:48 GT:0
hey zeus how u old man?

iMag's Pimple
i pimp all da imag shoes

{Suni}ya know I don't do this to pick on you, just to make you look perfect in the eyes of your hoes :)

IN MEMORY OF TAZ - God be with you brother
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