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devo 05/30/2008 01:55:20 GT:0
*pounds iMag WITHOUT lube*

..just a little something from EVO

HoboWithAStick 05/30/2008 05:18:29 GT:0
Lube is for losers.

cH3353n1p 05/31/2008 03:32:46 GT:0
seriously...just go dry.

The bleeding is good

I spam...therefore i am a vagina
YOU SUCK! Especially if your name is cHEESEnip!
HoboWithAStick 05/31/2008 18:15:02 GT:0

Want To KILL 06/01/2008 00:07:29 GT:0
I take a bath in your urinea!

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Iron Priest 06/01/2008 06:39:14 GT:0
i take a bath in your urethra

------I am a SPAMORON------
Faust {elite} 06/02/2008 09:45:35 GT:0
blood is the only lube i use! ask hobo!

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HoboWithAStick 06/02/2008 13:04:31 GT:0
Faust does it the natural way!

Sänebas 07/13/2008 22:59:14 GT:0
mmm all natural

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$ |< VV @ |) {1337sauce}{elite} 07/15/2008 09:36:52 GT:0
i'm bleeding

When I get a bruise, it doesn't turn black and blue. It turns orange and black.
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devo 07/18/2008 23:04:27 GT:0
your all sick mothers.. and or cousins

HoboWithAStick 07/19/2008 15:55:58 GT:0

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