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Galandy 04/05/2008 23:35:15 GT:0
hope your all doing ok :)
was gunna sign in and post this but seems ive benn removed :(
anyway hope your all still kicking ass and taking names


bujke {aWAR} 04/07/2008 21:08:40 GT:0

were you in exo? :p

HoboWithAStick 04/08/2008 05:26:41 GT:0

Lord jon316 04/28/2008 05:18:43 GT:0
Galandy, all your base are belong to me!

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cH3353n1p 05/04/2008 02:24:02 GT:0
i miss galandy....he has my hat

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Me {elitezorz} 05/04/2008 04:04:59 GT:0
Get back here and play you Galundy! You killed OL because you left!

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BLOODANGEL86 05/06/2008 02:15:10 GT:0
galandy! whats up bud?

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