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Public Relations Forum - WASHINGTON w00t!
Zedd 11/30/2007 01:28:24 GT:0
I'm getting stationed in Bangor, Washington near seattle as of January w00t!

I think that puts me near CrazyGuy right? or was that iMe? Don't remember.

Someone seks me up!


Zedd 11/30/2007 01:35:33 GT:0
can i join without a country and just sort of hump everyone? I'll be an active humper!

Scode 11/30/2007 04:30:15 GT:0

i read that as "stoned" i was thinking arnt u one of those pansy navy boys?

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{Suni}ya know I don't do this to pick on you, just to make you look perfect in the eyes of your hoes :)

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HoboWithAStick 11/30/2007 16:03:31 GT:0
NAVY BOYS?!??!?!

Want To KILL 11/30/2007 18:01:57 GT:0
lovely pic.

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Zedd 12/02/2007 23:05:09 GT:0
who's up for a mustache ride lol

<4 WTK

(2 much <3)

Iron Priest {DL} {aIA} 12/05/2007 19:08:50 GT:0
bangor? id say thats more crazy area, but im sure he wont wanna see you :P

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Zedd 01/26/2008 03:04:33 GT:0
amg i hadn't realized that I was being stationed in hell... Can I pls go to iraq now? :'(

HoboWithAStick {DL} 01/26/2008 14:24:28 GT:0
Hahah, Demand that they send you there!

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Zedd 01/28/2008 00:59:41 GT:0
I actually asked if I could join the Individual Augmentee program...

they are making me fill out an officer candidate school application instead....

o ye fickle fate..... =\

Accept my app! =P

HoboWithAStick {DL} 01/28/2008 01:06:30 GT:0

I put instant coffee in the microwave and it almost went back in time
arthur 01/28/2008 02:31:15 GT:0
poopie fo show

all i got for christmas is money, cloths, food, and bb guns!
HoboWithAStick {DL} 01/28/2008 02:34:38 GT:0

I put instant coffee in the microwave and it almost went back in time
Black Seifer {IA} 01/28/2008 17:59:49 GT:0
Zedd you are aware im still the IA here and deal with all the apps

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BS 01/30/2008 19:04:49 GT:0
Figured you could be adult enough to look forward. I just wanna kill stuff.

Zedd 01/30/2008 19:15:55 GT:0
^ that was me i'm just retarded.

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