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Public Relations Forum - hi all
sexyfats 10/29/2007 08:07:42 GT:0
used to play in this clan 5 years ago.. i was like 12. i still remember some of you, angelice, WTK but i don't see some like our old chief, some guy who wrote really funny ass exploding shit stories and a malaysian called ducky3...

Want To KILL 10/31/2007 16:57:03 GT:0
Hey fats.
Missed me much?

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arthur 10/31/2007 20:27:35 GT:0
come back!

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BLOODANGEL86 11/01/2007 05:03:37 GT:0
lol beltz or tv was the shit exploding stories

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HoboWithAStick 11/01/2007 09:28:59 GT:0
Exploding shit sounds alot like Beltz to me.

Cum back.

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Scode 11/05/2007 04:04:33 GT:0
it was beltz

and i think i remember you but well there been too many

could of also been ghosty with those stories. he had some great sick disgusting stories

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Crazyguy [Grumpy old fart] 08/01/2011 05:08:14 GT:0
this thread is like 4 fucking years old but it was completly new to me. I guess I forget to read all the useless shit on this forum when I have dropped in before.

just thought id mention that since I cant post any anything else.

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Angelice 09/27/2011 21:08:14 GT:0
yeah i never seen this one and the guy even called me out by name lol ... wonder who that guy was i dont remember him lol ... beltz and exploding shit stories i remember lol

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